Press Clipping
Rakkatak / Small Pieces

Margy Kahn
Reviewed 2017-04-30
Rakkatak is a group of young Canadian musicians spearheaded by tabla player Anita Katakkar who play a mixture of classical Indian and electronica. Bassist Oriana Barbato and sitarist Rex Van der Spuy add to the mix. The rhythms and modes are grounded in classical Indian music with a pop music aesthetic. World fusion at its best.

NO FCC's; Favorite tracks 1, 2, 6, 7

*1- Medley Feat. Norwegian Wood – 4:55 – modal template for Beatles song starts; very clean almost crisp sounding acoustics-- lovely embedding of actual tune; contapuntal tunes going on around and under it

*2- Dreaming – 4:58 –shimmering santur plus dreamy sounding voice

3- Heliosphere – 4:46 – skillful sitar; airy but with a drumbeat

4—YYZ – 5:21-- cover of Rush's YYZ; harder driving rhythm; segues into edginess

5- Eesha's Song – 5:13 – fast tabla with sitar and violin; dense tapestry of sound; rhythm segues western two thirds of the way through

*6 – Rain After the Fire – 7:06 – a soundscape of rain falling on charred ground; slowly at first and then picking up speed; santour adds urgency; drum sounds speed toward end with glimmers of glockenspiel

**7 – Thoughts of You – 5:18 – opens with Indian-style vocalizing over bass chords and switches to English lyrics; lushly sensual hymn to Lord Krishna

8 – Riffing on 9 –3:48 – electronic beat and synth; early Katakkar work